We are blessed to be served by a wonderful pastoral staff, deacons and elders, office staff, and lots of volunteers.


    John Weaver Lead Pastor
    Pastor John and Joanna Weaver came to Hamilton Assembly of God in 2009. With a shepherd's heart for the entire congegation - Pastor John loves the little ones, jokes with the older ones, and helps with youth on Wednesday nights. The Weavers and son, Josh, love the ministry and desire to see God's people become "mature and complete, not lacking in anything" (James 1:4).
    Lee Goldman Youth Pastor
    Pastor Lee and Michelle returned to Montana with daughters, Isabelle and Gabbie in 2019. The Goldmans work to knit generations together, believing that God's work requires more than one generation. Their heart is to model, mentor and motivate young people to discover their purpose as the church of today and disciples of tomorrow. As you get to know Pastor Lee and Michelle, you'll quickly find out who is the energy and who is the anchor!
    Craig Nellis Children's Pastor

    Pastor Craig and Carrie Nellis joined our staff in 2018. The kids - Clay, Grace, Callie, Clint - are also involved in ministering to children. After coming to Christ as adults, both Craig and Carrie are passionate about seeing kids receive Jesus at an early age. Their goal is to work beside parents to build spiritual foundations in children while their hearts are still open and accepting.

    Tim Schoch Seniors Pastor
    Pastor Tim and Linda Schoch retired to Montana after serving as music pastors in California for decades. Retirement was short-lived, however, as they took over the Hamilton Assembly of God "Living Proof" ministry to seniors. Between monthly potlucks, community dinners, and the occasional Christmas choir, Pastor Tim and Linda are a great blessing to our church family.



    Bud Haaland
    Jeff Huls
    Tim Schoch


    Loren Carney
    Dave Lloyd
    Jerry Miller
    Clayton Rockwell
    Dave Trihey




    Michali Schlosser


    Kim Trihey


    Kim Rockwell


    Head of School

    Stephanie Beck