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»   "Call It What It Is" - Pastor John Weaver - 05-31-15: {view link} via @YouTube

»   Add a message to your video {view link}

»   "Dark to Light" - Pastor John Michael Weaver - 04/26/15: {view link} via @YouTube

»   In this message, Pastor John Weaver talks about how God sees us as a treasured possession..... Do we see... {view link}

»   "Leavin in the Leaven" - Pastor John Weaver - 04/12/15: {view link} via @YouTube

»   The live presentation that should be on here is with Judah Smith tonight at 7:15 PST (live at {view link})

»   Are there any options for a feed without the music? I want to watch when speakers/interviews come on (live at {view link})

»   Pastor Weaver's Easter Sunday Message "Looking for What?" is available on Youtube! {view link}

»   "Pungent & Powerful" - Pastor John Weaver - 03/29/2015: {view link} via @YouTube

»   Breaking Down the Walls - Lee Goldman - 2015-03-22: {view link} via @YouTube

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