We exist to...

    - glorify God in whole-hearted worship. Worship is something that doesn't just take place on Sunday morning during a "worship service". It is a lifestyle of offering ourselves to God, as Paul wrote to Rome, as "living sacrifices" which is our service of worship. Worship is what takes place when we talk to God, acknowledge who God is and thank Him for what He has done for us.

    - provide discipleship opportunites for each individual to mature in Christ. It is our heart's desire to develop people by training and teaching them the Word of God. Our Life Groups, Sunday School classes, and our Wednesday night classes for all ages, give each individual more choices for participation.

    - reach the lost through evangelism, both home and abroad. Jesus told us to go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Although we need to do our part in reaching those who don't know Jesus in our community, we also know that in order to reach the world, we'll have to send others out with the message of Jesus. Hamilton A/G believes very strongly in our missionaries. We support many, each month, all over the world. Missions giving is a big part of our contributions.

    - build up each believer by providing healthy, friendly fellowship. One sign of a good church is what you see and feel when you walk through its doors. The people should be conversing, laughing, possibly crying and praying together. Such friendship is called fellowship. Sharing together is a huge part of the health of Hamilton A/G. It is our desire that everyone who walks through our doors enjoys that fellowship and becomes involved in its life.

    - give each individual opportunity for service for the Kingdom of God. Paul told the churches of Corinth and in Rome that we are to work together to fulfill God's plan for us. Each one of us has giftings and abilities that God gave us. Plugging people into ministries where they can use those giftings is part of what God wants us to do. We believe that there are "treasures" in each seat - God's people, with God-giving ability, to bless the church and be used for His glory.