Dave Ramsey's 1-Day EntreLeadership Simulcast

The EntreLeadership 1-Day Simulcast Event with Dave Ramsey

Hamilton Assembly of God is hosting this incredible one-day event on September 30th, 2011 from 9:45am-5pm. Tickets are available for $35 up until September 26th and $39 after that. There are also Group and Team Discounts available.

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EntreLeadership combines the innovative spirit of an entrepreneur with the passion and drive
of a leader. Since his first hire, Dave has made it a priority to train, mentor and refine his
leadership team. The EntreLeadership principles have been at the foundation of his training
process since day one.


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Transform Business in Your Community
Business leaders who study and gradually implement the lessons Dave will discuss in the
workshop will not only reach their small-business and leadership goals, but will also transform
their businesses into organizations where people love to work!

Provide Networking Opportunities
EntreLeadership provides an excellent atmosphere for business leaders who share interests
and concerns to network. They will learn directly from Dave while building relationships with
other local business leaders.

Impact Relationships
Attendees will learn how to build better and stronger relationships with their teams and how
to best serve their customers. EntreLeadership will equip them to validate their team members
while inspiring them to work with passion.

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“Organizations are never limited by their opportunity; they are limited by their leader.” —Dave Ramsey

EntreLeadership Defined
Businesses thrive when they are filled with champions who not only work hard, but are also full
of great ideas and a passion for making them happen. In this lesson, Dave will break down the
most effective leadership style and explain the biggest obstacle to business growth.

Dreams, Visions and Goal Setting
In this lesson, Dave will explain exactly how to turn dreams into achievable goals. He will also
show attendees how to create and sustain a goal-driven organization.

Financial Peace for The EntreLeader
Since the beginning of EntreLeadership, this lesson has been the all-time favorite of attendees.
Dave will specifically explain the common myths about the use of debt in small business.

Team Math—Adding & Subtracting
Most business owners hire a new team member after just one brief interview—a big mistake.
In this lesson, Dave explains the EntreLeader’s 12 steps to a proper hire.

“Delegation is the most misunderstood and abused area of leadership.” —Dave Ramsey
A leader’s ability to delegate properly is the greatest limiting factor to a business’s growth.
This lesson is for anyone who’s said, I need three more of me.

Making the Call
Things begin to happen when a decision is made. Dave will teach attendees how to make the
best decision every time. In this final lesson, Dave provides the tools leaders need to rise to the
challenges they face, imploring them to never give up!



This event is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your personal leadership skills and those of your team. 

How will this event help business owners and leaders?
Dave has discovered how to hire and keep champions who are as passionate about his business
as he is. And he has figured out that neglecting administrative tasks will ruin growth. Dave will teach you how to delegate to and trust a team that will nurture your businesses the way you would.

How is this different from other business or leadership events?
This event is about more than just traditional leadership training. Dave will share tools you can immediately use to impact and improve your business and team. No other event offers the practical, “nuts and bolts” lessons you’ll learn in EntreLeadership.

Who should attend?
Anyone wanting to grow a business! For anyone who contributes to the decision-making process, whether in corporate America or ministry, attending this event is a must.


You know Dave gives excellent advice on your personal finances, but did you know that Dave is a nationally recognized entrepreneur as well?

Dave took his business from a card table in his living room to a nationally recognized organization. From his prime time show on the Fox Business Network, to his company, which has nearly 300 team members, Dave knows business. His company has been voted one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work four years in a row, and his EntreLeadership business events are two of the most in-demand programs available to help grow your business and develop your leadership abilities. He is one of America’s best leaders on business management, team culture, and financial principles.

“When you are looking for real-world advice in a small-business setting, Dave Ramsey is second to none. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, and I am proud to call him my friend.”
World-Renowned Author and Speaker

“If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then you can’t afford to miss Dave Ramsey’s life-changing EntreLeadership event!”
Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author

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More Than 450 Radio Stations
Carry The Dave Ramsey Show
Nearly 4.5 Million Weekly Listeners
To The Dave Ramsey Show
15 Million People
Have access to Dave’s syndicated column, Dave Says, in print and online each month
More Than 700,000 People
Have attended a Dave Ramsey live event
More Than One Million Families
Have completed Financial Peace University at their church, workplace, military installation,
local nonprofit organization or community group
3 National Best-Selling Books
The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace, and More Than Enough

“I came back to our business and implemented a lot of the
ideas I learned. We went from a loss position in 2007 to the
best year we have ever had in 2008!”
— M I C H A E L L O C K M A N
Applied Recovery Systems, Inc.; Waco, TX

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For more information, check out the EntreLeadership website at www.DaveRamsey.com/entreleadership